Our Mission

The goal of ExpressWeb VA as a business is to provide the tools necessary for a small business to stay competitive in the information age.

Meet the Founder

Alexander Ing, Owner
Alexander Ing
Owner of ExpressWeb VA

I am a life-long enthusiast of computers and technology and am currently working on my degree in Computer Engineering. ExpressWeb VA (then PVALink) was founded in 2017 after a realization that there was a market for a skill I had. Over the last few years, said skill has evolved into a talent- web development is a craft that I've thoroughly mastered.

Client Stories

Screenshot of current Mobile Handpiece Repair website

Mobile Handpiece Repair

Screenshot of old Mobile Handpiece Repair website
Screenshot of old Mobile
Handpiece Repair website

Mobile Handpiece Repair is a now-nationwide dental handpiece repair service. Founder Arthur Arabchyan hired ExpressWeb VA to transform his outdated website (shown at left) into an online storefront. The new website now promotes Mobile Handpiece Repair's ship-in repair service, as well as handling traditional e-commerce and customer payment processing.

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Screenshot of current Wildwood Bar-B-Que website

Wildwood Bar-B-Que

The popular local barbeque restaurant Wildwood Bar-B-Que was started in 2016 by Phil Foster. He knew that his new business would need a web presence that made it stand out from competing businesses. This project served as the precursor to what ExpressWeb VA is today. Over the years, ExpressWeb VA has continued to maintain and improve the website.

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